Monday, August 4, 2008

Library Hospital Survey


A) Crime against all things printed.

B) More appropriate than writing ones name inside.

C) A must for all bookworms and bibliophiles.

What do you think? Also are there any exceptions -- some books that shouldn't have them, others that should?

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Carrie said...

Good question. I'm somewhere between B & C. I wrote my name in all my books growing up. I like the idea of bookplates. But I don't think I'd have the time anymore.

Anonymous said...

I love bookplates! C!

Nathan & Alison said...

When I was younger, I loved writing my full name out in a neat calligraphy on the title page of every book I owned. I loved my books, and, when you are part of a large family, you’d better have your territory marked! Hehe. A few months ago I did a major purging of my books (not that you can tell!) and the only way I could remove my name was to cut off the corner of the page. I didn’t feel comfortable having my name and information out there for whoever purchased these books at the Goodwill.

Now days, I hardly ever put my name inside a book. Maybe it’s the neat freak in me refusing to do any damage to a book? Who knows. The only exception I make is when I’m loaning a book to someone.

I love the look of book plates. They are so classy and elegant. But, I’d reserve them for your permanent book collection.

Nica said...

I love book plates, and I love finding old, old books at antique shops with the original owner's bookplate still attached. So neat.

I don't print ANYTHING in old books: it's a tragedy to further deface something that is 100+ years old, imo. I would slide a bookplate in an old book, but not attach it. I don't lend out my old books though. LOL