Sunday, August 24, 2008

A puzzle

In my "Libraries" post the other day I mentioned a children's book that I loved when I was younger, but can remember neither the author nor the title. Maybe if I tell you what I do remember you might be able to help me... perhaps you've seen this book yourself?

I've tried googling what I do remember, but unfortunately have not come up with the answer. So here goes...

1. Children's book.
2. A lady has a pet dragon.
3. The lady wears colorful clothing (i.e. dresses)... or did she have colorful purses? No, I think it was dresses.
4. This book was published pre-1992, possibly in the '70s or '80s.
5. Had colorful pictures.

That's it... sad isn't it?


Carrie said...

Sorry I can't help you. If you find it - I'd be curious to know what it is! Good luck.

Nica said...

Are you sure it is a lady? Or is it a boy who finds a dragon, his mother has bright clothing/purses?