Saturday, September 6, 2008

Libraries = Books+

Libraries are more than just a place to borrow a book. I've known for sometime that various community functions are held at my local libraries, but I have not paid much attention to them. At some point in the future I definitely want to take my daughter to story time, but for now it'll have to wait. They only hold story time at a certain time of day, which is unfortunately smack in the middle of her nap time.

Last year I discovered my local library was holding a "One Book, One Community" event -- which means a book is chosen and free copies are given out to any library patron interested. The patron can read the book or they can read the book and then participate in book chats, author signings, and other such related events to the chosen book. I read the book last year, but didn't participate beyond reading. It's a great idea and I may participate again this year, we'll see.

At the end of this month my local library is holding their annual book sale. I missed it the last couple of years, but I am determined to make it this time. I've also marked on my calendar another larger book sale that I saw an ad for while browsing the city website of events. Used book sales and library book sales are one of the best places to find treasures to add to your library.

Something else I discovered just recently is "Music on the Terrace" an annual event held in September by the main branch of my local library. This year the theme is Big Band and Swing music with a different band or performer each Friday. The music is free and patrons of the library are encouraged to pack a lunch to eat while listening. I took my 14 month old daughter with me today and we enjoyed our picnic on the grass while a 1940s band played and sang. It was a lot of fun and gave me a good excuse not only to get out of the house and get some fresh air, but some culture and even an opportunity to check out the main library branch, something I've not done in the 3 1/2 years we've lived in this county.

And so, while this post isn't really about books I do have a point. Libraries are more than books. You might say "Libraries = Books +". They offer more than just access to free books. If you haven't visited your library recently put it on your to do list. Who knows, you might even find some fun activities or a book sale is on their Upcoming Events Calendar.


Carrie said...

I LOVE our local library. They have events going on all the time. I don't always get to participate but it's nice to know that there are such activities available. And the library book sale?!?! A "Can't Miss It" event!

Sarah said...

I agree! I took my daughter to the library for "Under Twos Storytime" (in the middle of the morning thankfully). She has her own library card and can borrow up to 17 picture books, and they don't mind if she chews them (it says so on a poster on the wall!).
Now she's 2 and a half she goes to "Under Fives Arts and Crafts" (middle of the afternoon), they have one or two short stories, a couple of songs and then they get to make something related to what they just read. She loves it, and it really helps to foster a love of books and reading.