Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Finds and Book Give Away!

My Friday Finds list is pretty small this week as it only consists of one book.

Marley And Me by John Grogan. My sister is reading this book. That fact alone caught my attention since my sister doesn't read a lot. But the books she has read and mentioned over the years are generally great reads. (Including the Anne of Green Gables series, Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier, and the James Herriot series All Creatures Great And Small.) In fact, my sister said that Marley and Me reminded her of the All Creatures series. "It's a funny story and a fast read. I think you'd like it," said she, and thus I added it to my "To Be Read" list. As a side note, Marley And Me has recently been adapted to film and will be showing in theatres starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson this December.

And now for the really interesting news... I am going to host my first ever Book Give Away! So spread the word and stay tuned for the announcement early next week.

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Mary Beth said...

I loved Marley and Me! Anyone who is a dog or animal person should read this book. I'm a little leery about the movie only because I like the book so much and I'm going to be upset if they ruin the movie.