Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Subscriber Book Give-Away!

That's right, I'm hosting my first ever subscriber/reader book give-away. To participate you must:

1. Be a reader/subscriber of A Library Is A Hospital for the Mind blog.
2. Go back and find a book review I posted prior to October (posts can be as early as July) that you have not already read and commented on.
3. Read one review.
4. Leave a comment at this post letting me know what review you read and your thoughts on the book and review. (Please be sure to leave some valid way for me to contact you, i.e. email address or link to your blog where I can leave a comment.)

At the end of the week, (Friday, October 17) I will take all the names of each entry and put them in a hat and draw out the winner.

The winner will have the choice of one of the two following books:

Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

Please note: Ruth is a new copy. I Capture the Castle has been read once, but is a crisp, tight copy. Both are paperback.

Have fun and good luck!


Tere Leming said...

I've been reading your blog after meeting you at the last book tea, and I love it! I am not a writer, so blogging myself doesn't appeal to me. Reading, however, is a passion and where I spend most of my "free" time. Your review on "Ruth" intrigued me so that it's definitely now on my "must read" list. So to have a chance at a free copy is too much to keep quiet about. Thank you for all your reviews, and I'm anxious to dive into "Wives and Daughters" after plodding through "Paradise Lost."

ibeeeg said...

I am a subscriber...love reading your reviews.

The review (just commented on today) that really sticks out is The Fairy's Mistake. It sticks out to me because I have a 9yod who loves fairies and fairy tales. I think she may like this book. Is the creepy-crawly thing bad?

Oh..."Ruth" sounds intriguing to me. That would be the one of the two you are going to give away that I would like to read.

ibeeeg @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)


Anonymous said...


You know me: I'm here all the time. :) I love your blog, period.

Anyways, I went to the August archive...and didn't get past the very first review that popped up: House of Seven Gables. I've been plannning to read this for a while, and it's on my tbr for next year too. So, seemed appropriate. :)

I really did like your review on it, since I honestly have no clue what the book's about. Now at least I have a taste to whet my appetite. :)

Thanks for hosting, Sarah! (I've love to win Ruth; I've been drooling over it ever since I read your review a while back.)

Maw Books said...

Of course I'm a subscriber!

First I went to your review of My Side of the Mountain and noticed hey, I'd already commented on it before. I have this one somewhere in the house and will read it eventually.

Then I read your review of Ella Enchanted because I've also reviewed that one as well. I agree on the movie and book being totally different but have to say that I enjoyed both.