Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Finds

The other night I had the rare opportunity to spend a couple hours browsing through a bookstore. It was a treat!

While there I found several books that interested me and I have since added them to my "To Be Read" list. Not everyone of these books is guaranteed to make it to my nightstand, sometimes a book that looks interesting by its title or description turns out to be a bad selection when I get a chance to look at it closer. But for now, with very little information here are the books I found and think I might read in the future.

I think since February is "Black History Month" I will plan to read one of these two books at that time, though I'm leaning towards Gifted Hands since it has been adapted to film and will be in theaters soon.

I'm not very sure about either of these books. I am hesitant to read any non-fiction works by authors I know little or nothing of. My greatest fear is that they will try to spin their political views into the story, but I won't know until I get a closer look at the book. As for Mockingbird, I'm mostly curious because so little is known about Ms. Lee, she never authorized a biography so this book is written from bits and pieces of information that was made available.

The Secret of Lost Things is a recent publication and I've seen several good reviews. It's a book about books... and looks interesting. I saw Swann's Way in the discount bin at B&N, but didn't buy it. I've heard of Proust, but never read anything of his. I've seen read that Swann's Way is a must read for everyone. I'm curious.

This is a new book for 2009. It's very short, less than 50 pages, and has the most charming pen and ink sketches. I definitely have to read this book, it's too cute to pass by and reminds me a little of the Brambly Hedge series I reviewed last year.

Read any of these and posted a review? Let me know by leaving a comment with your thoughts or a link to your blog.


Amy said...

I own that American Lion book....I've read good things about it, but you're right about how sometimes they do overkill on their own political beliefs!!!

Alyce said...

I haven't heard of Gifted Hands before, I'll have to look it up. The Secret of Lost Things sounds good. I've never read any Proust, so I'm curious to see what you think of his writing.

Carrie said...

Gifted Hands is being made into a movie?! I didn't know that. I read that earlier last year for 5M4B. It was pretty good and I think you'll like it. There is a lot in it to be inspired by.