Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Finds

It's been a while since I had a Friday Finds post. This week is special because I didn't just find some new books to read, I found some to add to my library!

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, 1943. Hardcover, illustrated with wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg. I know this is a depressing story, but I also know I need to read it and I couldn't pass up this edition, it was too beautiful. $2.50.

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne DuMaurier, 1952. Hardcover. I read this and reviewed it. I really liked the story as I had enjoyed Rebecca. I figured for the price I'd add it to my library. If I decide to give it away it'll go to my sister who's a Rebeccafan. $2.50.

Hungry Hill by Daphne DuMaurier, 1947. Hardcover with dust jacket. I know nothing of this novel, but thought it might make for a fun read. $2.50.

Frenchman's Creek by Daphne DuMaurier, 1942. Hardcover with dust jacket. Haven't read this one either, but have heard it's good. $2.50.

Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge, 1944. Hardcover. I am planning to re-read this for my book club's September reading. I already own a copy, but I couldn't pass this one up since it was such a bargain. Most copies of GDS in this book's condition are selling upwards to $10-15. I paid $2.50! I am sending this copy along to my friend Alison as she has been wanting to read it.

Mrs. Miniver by Jan Struther, 1942. Hardcover with dust jacket. I've seen the movie, curious about the book. $3.50.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens. No publication date listed. Appears to be early 1900s, possibly earlier. A splurge at $5.00.

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew by Margaret Sidney, 1909. Hardcover with dust jacket. My mother read this aloud to my siblings and I years and years ago. I was thrilled to find my own copy. A slight splurge at $4.50.

Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne, 1961. Hardcover with dust jacket. My daughter adores anything Winnie the Pooh. While most of these rhymes and poems are over her head I did find a few I could read to her and she enjoyed the pictures. A good book to save for later at $3.50.

I am pleased. For less than $29 I was able to come home with 8 books, some classics, some with dust jackets and all hardbound. I was very pleased and plan to revisit the little antique shop in another month or so to see if anything new has been added. This find might have been a little pricier than the library sales, but the selection of classics and old books was definitely better.


Kelly Sauer said...

Niiice. Wish I knew where you shopped! Pete would have a blast at a place like that! Someone gave us "Now We Are Six" - it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I loved "Frenchman's Creek" but have never read "Hungry Hill."

Carrie said...

AWESOME finds!!! WOW!

And Mrs. Miniver is a GREAT book! I read it years ago and have it sitting here on my shelf. Just yesterday, in fact, I was thinking of a reread.

Race ya! ;)

Sarah M. said...

K, I don't have any definite "shopping" location. I found these at an antique store in my town. I have found others at the county library sales. You guys might check out the antique stores in your area, sometimes they have good deals on old books.