Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's On My Nightstand: August

It's the end of summer, although it won't feel like that outside for at least another month. Still the days are growing shorter, Labor Day is fast approaching and children are returning to school. I am hoping to set aside the light reading I was busy with for most of the summer and start into some classics, but we shall see.

The following books are what currently reside on my nightstand. Please check back next Monday for a review of August and for my September reading projections, which is slightly different than the What's On My Nightstand post.

Death in the Clouds is the next mystery in line to be read for my personal Agatha Christie reading challenge. As noted earlier on this blog I am reading my way through all of Christie's mysteries in order of publication. This will mark the 9th novel read this year and the 17th read since I began the challenge.

Rainbow Valley is the next book in the Anne of Green Gables series, which I have been re-reading/reading since last autumn. I read the first five books years ago, but never read further in the series. My goal is to finish the series before the year end.

Just for fun I thought I would read the Homer Price books by Robert McCloskey. I think my mother read these books to my siblings and I as children, but I don't remember much about them. They're short quick reads for adults, so I thought they'd be fun and a good fill in between longer novels.

I have several other books waiting to be read, but those will have to wait for my August review/September reading projection post next week.

Well, that's what you'll find on my nightstand, but what's on yours? Leave a comment and tell me or link over at 5Minutes4Books as part of the monthly What's On Your Nightstand challenge.


Lisa writes... said...

What a fun list! I read many of Christie's mysteries many years ago--and would love to revisit them. Sounds like a great challenge! I love Anne of Green Gables but found the later books in the series to be, well, not as enjoyable as the first--though still enjoyable in their own right!

Thanks for joining in!

Carrie said...

Noble Anne goal, of course, of course! =) Looking forward to not only hearing your thoughts but eventually having the time to revisit the whole series again for myself!

Katrina said...

I read a lot of the Agatha Christie books as a kid - one of the few series that the travelling library had. Hmm, me thinks I will be visiting the library again to read these once more as an adult, and I loved Anne of Green Gables but only read the first one, something else to look into

Nise' said...

I would like to re-read some Agatha Christie and Anne books. Enjoy.