Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrating Book Blogger Appreciation Week

As I mentioned earlier this week there are several blogs I've chosen to follow because I find them interesting and useful as a reader or as a blogger. The following is a list of only 10 blogs. I could list all the blogs I follow, but it would make for a very long post and I wanted to keep this one short and to the point. Forgive me if you're not on this list. It probably means: 1) I don't know about your blog, yet, so leave a comment. 2) I've mentioned you in the past and so didn't this time. 3) I plan to mention you at some point in the future when I get a little more familiar with your blog. Or 4) You don't blog enough to warrant being mentioned. :)

And so without further adieu... Here are (in no particular order) ten blogs that I am currently following on Bloglines:

Semicolon. Even though Semicolon posts some great book reviews, my favorite aspect of the blog is the resources that she makes available to other bloggers, such as Saturday Review. Each Saturday book bloggers go to Semicolon and link to their top reviews or posts from the previous week by way of a Mr. Linky. I have found this not only to be a great way to spread the word about my blog and the books I've found, but also a wonderful resource for finding other book lovers and bloggers and wonderful books to add to my TBR list.

5Minutes4Books is another great blogging site that has both a diverse selection of reviews and an assortment of resources to bloggers. My two favorite resources on this blog are the monthly What's On Your Nightstand collection page and the Classics Book Club.

Fireside Musings and Never Jam Today are two blogs by two cousins. I don't remember how I came upon them, but it was some time last year and I've enjoyed reading their reviews and find their blogs both entertaining and insightful and sometimes our reading tastes overlap.

I admire both Reading to Know and Rebecca Reads for their daily devotion to reading and reviewing. I wish I had more time to read every day and more time to post reviews. I also wouldn't mind having the fan following that these ladies have at their book blogs.

Last, but not least, the following are four book blogs I've only just discovered. I've not been following them for long, but what I've read thus far has been informative and interesting:

My Individual Take (On the Subject)
To Live Fully Is To Become Multifarious
A Chair, a Fireplace, & a Tea Cozy
Jane Austen's World

Well, that's it for now. Happy Book Bloggers Appreciation Week to all of you!


Carrie said...

Thanks for 1.) the mention and 2.) the pointers to the other blogs. If you like them, I bet I will too so I'm off to check them out (and subscribed to Fireside Musings while I was at it). Thanks!

Noël De Vries said...

Thanks, Sarah. I enjoy your posts, too, esp. British lit / Christie / Montgomery items, which appear quite often! :)

(hey ... just so you know, Marie and I are actually cousins. :)

Sherry said...

Thanks, Sarah. I have you in my blog reader, too. I t's fun to find some blogs that provide good book discussion and recommendations.

Marie Cloutier said...

That's a great list of blogs. A couple of these I knew but most i didnt- so i have to thank you for introducing me to some great blogs!

Liz B said...

Thanks for including me among such great blog company!

Maw Books said...

Wonderful blogs! I think I subscribe to all of them but a couple.

Michael Shawn Keller said...

Sarah, As a young new author and very new to the "blog scene" I am really happy that there are people like yourself who are very optomistic and "write a good vibe". I look forward to following your blog.
Have Fun!!

Rebecca Reid said...

Wow thanks for the shout out! I don't know about "fan following" though. What is that?