Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Teasers: One Stayed At Welcome

"Phineas Baldwin's whiskers were a rippling cascade which the growing village of Welcome included among its most arresting sights. In a single week after the theft of the razor they had laid a dusty smudge over Phineas' still enraged countenance. Within a month the smudge was bristling stuble. Two months after that and the stuble was a stiff brush. And still they grew."

(One Stayed At Welcome by Maud & Delos Lovelace, Chpt. 9, page 122)


gautami tripathy said...

Like the almost poetic prose!

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christine (booktumbling) said...

What length will these whiskers actually achieve? Interested in your thoughts - sounds like an interesting read.

S. Mehrens said...

They grow pretty long. The reason he's not shaving has to do with the fact he swore he wouldn't shave a hair ever again until he recovered his stolen razor... which he doesn't (during the length of the story), but he does find out who took it. I just loved the poetic like prose. Their writing style does make for fun reads.