Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wish List

Last night I found the ultimate game for a book lover like myself.

Description: The Game Where the First Line Speaks Volumes! In Liebrary™, players are given a book title and the plot summary and then asked to create the most believable first line of the book. The object of the game is to bluff other players into believing that their first line is the correct one. The more outrageous the better!

Of course now it's on my wish list. Talk about fun!


Molly said...

What a creative idea! I will have to check this out and perhaps use it in the classroom as a 5 minute rest and relaxation.

Noël De Vries said...

ooo, I adore balderdash. this is even better!

Alyce said...

That does look like a lot of fun!

Kristen said...

I love this idea. Not that I think I'd ever find anyone who would be willing to play with me! Even so, I'm adding it to my wishlist. :-)