Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Crime Stories in 2009

Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise is hosting a special 2009 recap listing of the "Best Crime Fiction Reads of 2009." Some of you may recognize Kerrie's name and her blog because I linked to it several times last year for her Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival.

It was nearly a year ago that I first learned of the Christie Carnival, a monthly posting where readers can link up their reviews of any Agatha Christie book they've read. As most of you know I started in early 2008 with my own personal Christie reading challenge -- to read all of Dame Agatha Christie's mystery and crime novels in order of publication. In 2009 I read 14 Christie mysteries, which brings my total read up to 22 out of 66.

However, since this post is supposed to highlight the best crime reads of 2009 I will only link to my top 10 favorites of the year... a difficult task because there's hardly been a Christie mystery that I haven't liked! Nevertheless here are my top ten favorites for 2009:

1. Death On the Nile (review forthcoming in Jan 2010)
2. The A. B. C. Murders
3. The Seven Dials Mystery
4. Dumb Witness (review forthcoming in Jan 2010)
5. Peril At End House
6. Murder on the Orient Express
7. Cards On the Table
8. Death In the Clouds
9. Why Didn't They Ask Evans
10. Murder in Mesopotamia

What about you? What were your favorite or "the best" crime stories you read in 2009? Head on over to Mysteries in Paradise and leave a comment or link up your own blog post.

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Kerrie said...

Many thanks Sarah. All the best with your reading this year. You and I are about at the same place on our Agatha Christie journey