Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds

This week's Friday Finds actually goes hand-in-hand with a book I currently have on my nightstand waiting to be read: Mrs. Tim of the Regiment by D. E. Stevenson.

I discovered D. E. Stevenson in 2009 thanks to several other bloggers' recommendations, not to mention my friend Alison's quick eye. (See below for a list of books by Stevenson that I've read and reviewed.)

The Plot: Mrs. Tim of the Regiment tells the story of Hester Christie, the husband of Tim, a military man. When Tim gets stationed far away, Mrs. Tim is busy with more responsibilities than she can handle—domestic chores, social obligations, and parenting, to name just a few. She decides to write diaries of her daily events, as a means of gaining control of her life. Now, all her mischief and curiosity is recorded. All may seem innocent until a certain Major Morley turns up and begins to court her while her husband is away." (Summary courtesy of the publisher.)

There is more than the plot summary to get me excited about reading this book. I just found out that Bloomsbury Publishers has started reprinting this novel, which is the first of four books in the Mrs. Tim series by D. E. Stevenson. This is big news considering that all of Stevenson's works (excluding Miss Buncle's Book, which was reprinted by Persephone in 2008) are out of print. Mrs. Tim of the Regiment is currently available in the UK, but copies are also set to release in the US on April 13, 2010. You can pre-order the book now on Amazon for $11.20 plus shipping.

For more information check out Amazon's website or Bloomsbury Publishers.

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Marie said...

Mrs Tim looks great to me. Thanks for telling us about it!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I'm delighted that you are reviewing the D.E. Stevenson books. She's been my favorite writer since the 60s and I've been in a yahoo group that discusses her work since '97. I may have mentioned this before. I just read the review you wrote for The Two Mrs. Abbots in which you wonder how they came to be out of print. They were always best sellers, and many were reissued in the 70s. Then they were out of print again, except for Isis versions, but now they seem to be coming back into print. I hope a lot of younger readers will find the charm of this extremely skillful writer.