Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Children's Picks of the Week

My daughter and I have had another fun week reading books. Our three favorite reads from last week's library visit included:

Shrewbettina's Birthday by John S. Goodall (1977). The Shrewbettina books were recommended to me by the lady sitting next to me on a recent business trip. She was a retired day care provider and had shared them with "her" children over the years. They are beautifully illustrated wordless books about a little shrew named Bettina. Unfortunately they were rather difficult to track down. In the end I could only find this one book through ILL, but it was worth the trouble. My daughter enjoyed the pictures and telling the story to herself through the illustrations. I will definitely keep my eyes out for more of John S. Goodall's work.

Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart (2006). As many parents know bath time can sometimes be a trial, especially when you're bathing a child afraid of water or soap. Recently my daughter decided she didn't like to have her hair washed (afraid of soap in the eyes). Thankfully we were able to work through this fear and find a solution that made her happy yet still included clean hair. And so when I came upon this book in the library I knew she could realte to it. It's a cute story about a little boy rabbit who doesn't like to have his long ears washed, but in the end finds that it's actually fun to be a big boy and learn to wash them himself. The illustrations by Laura Rankin are cute and I recognized the style from another of our recent reads, Fluffy and Baron.

No! That's Wrong by Zhaohua Ji and Cui Xu (2008). A humorous story about a rabbit who finds a pair of lacy red underpants and unsure how to wear the article of clothing tries it on first as a hat. Throughout the story he's told it's the wrong way to wear them, but in the end the rabbit decides they fit best over his ears rather than his tail. This was a fun book to read as my daughter has recently discovered she can dress herself. She laughed at the silly pictures of the rabbit wearing the underpants on his head.

Check back next week when I post our favorite finds from this week's library visit.

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