Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds

I am so excited about a collection books I found in the clearance bin at B&N last weekend. Apparently when a publisher decides to change the cover of a book, or a newer edition is printed B&N is quick to put the older selection on sale. You'll not find me complaining about that! I was able to pick up four classics all published with their complete text, in hardcover, and with reprints of their first edition illustrations -- all for a quarter of their original price!

If I were to complain about anything it would only be from my disappointment in the replacement editions that I found on the full price shelves. I noticed the same titles are now available for the browsing shopper, but only in cheap paperback with ugly covers or as abridged stories in hardcover. What a shame! And yet, because of this change I was able to find quite the bargain!

I selected these four books because three of the four were missing from my personal library. My paperback copy of The Secret Garden is in pretty sorry shape and I've been wanting to own Treasure Island, Black Beauty, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I told myself that I was investing in my daughter's future library, but I will admit I plan to read them myself as I've never read Black Beauty and I don't remember much of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

The other classics I discovered in the 50% off bin included Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows, The Little Princess, and Anne of Green Gables -- all of which I already own decent to nice copies. If you have a B&N store in your area be sure to check out their sale bin. You never know when you might find an unexpected treasure.


Carrie said...

Congratulations! =D I love good finds like that! (And I've always wondered why they mark the books down. THanks for the explanation.)

Alyce said...

That is really sad that they replaced them with cheap ugly books. Those copies that you got are gorgeous!