Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New Library Update

As you may recall a few months back I posted a picture of our local library during the destruction phase (see Our Library). Here's an updated photograph as they have begun construction on the new building. It will be six times the size of the old building. Completion is set for early spring 2011.


Alyce said...

How wonderful that you will have a new library! Our town got a new library 7 years ago after using a one-room library (looked like an old school house but with shelves lining all of the walls) for about 90 years. It's a really neat historical building, and they hold all of the library book sales there now.

S. Mehrens said...

Alyce, yes our old library was a one room situation. Not quite as beautiful as yours as it was only 25 years old, but it had outgrown its space by a longshot. We are very excited. :)