Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Teasers: Mrs. Tim Gets A Job

"Yes, I'm reading Emma -- for about the fifth time.'
'You are?' enquires Miss Clutterbuck with interest. 'I've read it oftener than that. There's nobody like Jane Austen to my way of thinking. I like the saltiness, the restrained satire. When I'm more than usually irritated and deived with the guests I get out Northanger Abbey or Persuasion or one of the others and have a good read. I find them soothing. Jane Austen had as little patience as I have with the vagaries of her kind.'" (Mrs. Tim Gets a Job by D. E. Stevenson, pg 75)


Vintage Reading said...

Oh I love books that reference JA! Thanks for posting that extract - I now want to read it.

S. Mehrens said...

Oh, you'd enjoy this particular Mrs. Tim book. There is another scene where Erica reads aloud to a group of women who are sewing. She is supposedly reading a Jane Austen story, but the reader knows perfectly well (that is if you know anything about JA) that it is NOT Jane Austen. Most of the women in the group are completely taken in. It's very very funny.