Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Five Favs

It's the end of a short week, thanks to the Labor Day holiday on Monday. I am very much looking forward to the weekend. Here are five things that I am happy about today:

1. Fresh home made blueberry muffins. I woke up to a crisp cool morning and it just as if the day was made for fresh muffins. My daughter helped some. They turned out fabulous and I ate two.

2. Our church has a weekly Awana program for children 3-14. This is the first year my daughter will be old enough to join in, a fact I wasn't aware of until the lady organizing mentioned it to my husband and I. She suggested we consider signing our daughter up not only because it'd be fun for her, but also because it would give my husband and I a 2-hour date night every week. This week will be her first meeting and I'm very excited. I think she's going to have a great time and I can't wait for my date.

3. It's September, which means it's the 2nd annual Agatha Christie Blog Tour. As part of the tour I decided to read Agatha Christie's autobiography. From page one it proved to be a delicious read, perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea (or coffee) during a quiet hour early in the morning. I will have lots to say on this read, so stay tuned for my review.

4. The weather has shifted towards autumn. Happy am I that the 100 degree days are a thing of the past. While we still have some summer like weather it is much more bearable and temperatures ate night drop into the 50s. I am very happy to have a spell of time when I can turn off the AC, but don't have to turn on the heat. The windows are WIDE open and the soft breeze tickles the curtains. I love it!

5. This song has been running through my mind for the last couple of weeks. Don't Look At Me by Stacie Orrico is an older song released in 2000 (a decade ago!), but it still has truth in it: "Don't look at me, look at Him."

Have a great weekend!

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Carrie said...

I've been craving muffins all week long and you've just intensified my feelings towards them!