Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - What I'm Thankful For

This is the perfect week to list my favorite five moments or things because it coincides with Thanksgiving. As such I am going to list five things I am thankful for or that exhibit a way that I am thankful. Enjoy!

1. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is still a very popular holiday in the USA. Families still travel far and wide to gather around the table and feast. And yet, it seems more and more that the actual holiday is an after thought for most of society. We go from summer to back to school; back to school to Halloween; and Halloween to Christmas. There's hardly a pause for this holiday. Personally I am thankful for Thanksgiving. I am waiting to put up Christmas decorations or begin any of that festivity until after Thanksgiving is past. I want to take the time to enjoy this day of thanks and rejoicing. I am grateful to God for a day to remember all the good in our lives.

2. My husband and my daughter. I am always thankful for these two special people, but especially this week as my job has been more demanding and their love for me is limitless.

3. Some time off work. I get a few days off work. I'm trying to clear my brain of all things job-related and just focus on family and rest. I hope to get some down time to read, but for the most part I am just thankful for time away from the computer!

4. Extended family. We don't see our extended family very much. Our extended family is spread far and wide. I am thankful for holidays when I am given the opportunity to see them and spend a little quality time together.

5. Video of the week: God of Wonders featuring Third Day.

What are your five favorite moments or things from the last week? Leave a comment letting me know, or linking to your own five fave post. Or better yet, head over to Living To Tell the Story and link up your Five Faves.

Have a great weekend!


Carrie said...

Hoping that this weekend has been and is continuing to be relaxing for you!

Brittanie said...

I love Thanksgiving. It is my second favorite holiday. I love seeing all my family and eating yummy food. :)