Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Citizenship

It's election day in the United States -- have you voted yet?

Today as I thought about the election I rememberd an excellent little book I picked up some ten years ago. It contains two speeches by former President Grover Cleveland and was published in 1908. The first speech is titled Good Citizenship and is as applicable today as it was 100+ years ago when written.

As typical you can't get the entire text via Google Books (such a shame as the book is only 78 pages long), but you can read a good deal of it, so check it out! Here's the opening quote:

"There is danger that my subject of American good citizenship is so familiar and so trite as to lack interest. This does not necessarily result from a want of appreciation of the importance of good citizenship, nor from a denial of the duty resting upon every American to be a good citizen. There is, however, abroad in our land a self-satisfied and perfunctory notion that we do all that is required of us in this direction when we make profession of our faith in the creed of good citizenship and abstain from the commission of palpably unpatriotic sins...."Read more here.

Still need to vote? Find your polling place.

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