Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday to D. E. Stevenson!

Happy (belated) 118th birthday to Dorothy Emily Stevenson!

Dorothy Emily (Stevenson) Peploe was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 18, 1892. Although Dorothy Emily is best known by her pen name, D. E. Stevenson, which she used for the 40+ novels she penned from 1923-1970, she is not nearly as famous as her esteemed cousin, poet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. Still, for many readers D. E. Stevenson is synonymous with a good read.

You can read more about her here: D. E. Stevenson's biography or by checking out the related links below.

I am a fan of D. E. Stevenson and am planning to celebrate her birthday this weekend by reading the final novel in the Mrs. Tim series: Mrs. Tim Flies Home.

Curious to know more about Dorothy Emily's books? Check out my reviews of 10 of her novels that I have read and enjoyed:

Mrs. Tim of the Regiment
Mrs. Tim Carries On
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job

Miss Buncle's Book
(1934, Reprinted in 2008)
Miss Buncle Married
The Two Mrs. Abbotts

Rochester's Wife

Celia's House
Listening Valley

The Blue Sapphire

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Buried In Print said...

I absolutely loved Miss Buncle's Book: such fun! But I haven't read any others yet...

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi, I'm Kristi Jalics who wrote the biography you linked to on Susan Daly's website, and I'm really happy that you have written so many reviews of her books. You might be interested that our DES yahoo group will be beginning a discussion of Rochester's Wife after the holidays. You would be so welcome to join in. I'm wondering about the alternate ending you would have give the book.

Also, you might be interested to know that Greyladies, a small UK publishing house, is going to be bringing out two works by Stevenson which were recently found in a family attic. This will happen in May. It should be exciting.