Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's on my Nightstand: August 2011

It's been a bizarre August. It is the 23rd of the month and I truly feel as though just this past weekend it was the start of August. Where has the time gone?

I've not done much reading this month. That is to say, the reading I have done has been purely for fun and easy. Towards the end of July I read another Agatha Christie novel, A Murder is Announced (a relaxing puzzler for the mind). I also read a modern mystery novel, The Blue Rose: An English Garden Mystery (which I was very disappointed in), and a French book about books: A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cosse (which motivated me to sit right down and write up a review). Then in early August I finished two novels by Dorothy L. Sayers -- the first in the Lord Peter Wimsey series (Whose Body?) and the last (Busman's Honeymoon). Odd to read them in that order, but I had read Gaudy Night back in May for my book club and I was dying to read the "sequel," Busman's Honeymoon, so while I waited for it to arrive through ILL I read up on the first in the series. I plan to continue the rest of the series as time allows. I have been won over, I am truly a Lord Peter and Harriet Vane fan through and through.

The only other book I've started and nearly finished is biographical. I picked up the audio version of First Family: Abigail and John Adams by Joseph J. Ellis right before a road trip in early August. Since the road trip I've not had much time to listen to audio books, so I've lost speed on this read, but I know I only a few chapters from the end. I've enjoyed the book thus far and hope I can find time to review it here.

So that is what I've read since July, and here's what I have on my nightstand for the remainder of August and early September:

The Man of Property by John Galsworthy, which is the first in the Forsyte Saga. I've always been curious about this series and so decided to give the first novel a try. The story isn't quite what I imagined, but the copy I have through ILL was published in 1906 and it smells INCREDIBLE, so I don't mind pushing through the duller parts just to get a whiff of the pages. Silly, perhaps, but it's worked thus far, I'm about 1/4 of the way into the story.

Entwined by Heather Dixon. This novel I learned about via Carrie at Reading To Know. I love Robin McKinley and Shannon Hale, which Carrie likened this author's style to and I have always enjoyed the story of the twelve dancing princesses, so I definitely want to give this story a try.

And that is all I have right now. Short and simple. But then, I find my reading time is very limited these days and my blogging time even more so. Perhaps as the summer winds down I will find more time... at least until the baby comes later this year. We shall see.

What about you? What are you reading this month? What's on your nightstand? Leave a comment or head over to 5 Minutes for Books and link up your own nightstand post. And while you're there be sure to check out what other readers and bloggers are reading right now.


Sherry said...

I read most of the Forsyte Saga, and I thought it was so-so. Maybe it was my mood.

Nancy said...

I saw Entwined on another blog, the fact that Carrie recommended it explains a lot. Thanks for linking up!


Mystica said...

First Family sounds intriguing.

Bluerose said...

I was recently over here and saw The Blue Rose book on your shelf. I was very curious about your thoughts on it(for obvious reasons). I hate that it was disappointing!
Entwined is one of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy it! :)

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Have none, read none.

Carrie said...

I heard about Entwined from Bluerose. She loved it first and then blogged about it. Happy to pass on the love. ;D I think you'll really like it!!

Anonymous said...

I read a bunch of Agatha Christies this month too! Aren't they fun? And I love Dorothy Sayers!

Sarah M. said...

Bluerose, I missed your review re: Entwined. I'll have to go look for it. :)

Carrie, thanks for clarifying that. I've been a bit out of it when it comes to book blogs this summer.

Sarah M. said...

P.S. Bluerose... I only found the story disappointing because I expected a better crafted mystery. It just didn't feel as well-written as some of the others I've read... but then I guess I was comparing the author to the best of the best (i.e. Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers). The idea for the plot was good, I just thought it read as something a first-time author would have written - not very polished. Lots of cliches, etc.

Cindy said...

I am also a huge fan of Lord Peter Wimsey and Dorothy Sayers. The writing hasn't lost a thing - it still seems as bright, contemporary and witty as when it was written in the 20/30s. One of my favorite characters and authors!

Cassandra said...

I definitely want to read A Novel Bookstore. I've heard good things about it!

First Family sounds good as well. Happy reading!