Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn Book Swap Closes And Matches Are Made

Book Swap

It's official -- our first sign up for a book swap has come to a close. Both Carrie and I are very excited to have 18 people participating. I can't wait to see what books will be swapped!

For those who signed up please see below for instructions on what to do next. For anyone who missed out... Don't worry, we'll be hosting a Winter Book Swap after the New Year, so please come back and sign up.

1. Carrie put each participants name in a hat and drew out the following matches:

       Sherry @ Semicolon & Molly P
       Jeanette & Amy Jordan
       Jessica and Lisa
       Sarah @ Library Hospital & My Friend Amy
Satsuki & Charlessa
       Alison S. & Deanna
       Sara J. & Terri Murphy
       Carrie @ Reading to Know &
Veonika & Lisa (Writes)

2. Please send an email to smehrens at gmail dot com with your personal email address and what the book title you wish to swap. I will then put you in touch with your match and you can work out the rest of the details (where to ship, etc.). For those of you worried that your match may already have your chosen book or vice versa, don't worry, just have a second or third choice as a back-up in case that happens. (If it does, please let me know so I can update the final swap list.) Hopefully it won't! When everyone has settled on what books they will swap I will take the final list and post it here.

Let the swapping commence! Have fun as you expand your libraries and your reading.


Terri said...

I am so looking forward to this!

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone for participating and to Sarah for hosting! I'm sending you my e-mail with my top pick right now.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I'm super excited to send and receive! :o)

ibeeeg said...

I look forward to sending my choice book and receiving.

It would be interesting to know how others like their swap books?