Saturday, October 18, 2008

And the winner is...

So I took the four names of readers who left comments the other day on my Book Give Away post and wrote each of them on a slip of paper. The papers were then mixed up, put in a hat, and asked my husband (who was quite clueless as to what I was doing with the names) to pick out one piece of paper and hand it to me.

And the winner of this week's book give away is...

Congratulations Veronika! I will be sending you a copy of Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell, per your request of the two options.

Thanks to Tere, Ibeeeg, and MawBooks for participating -- I'm honored to have so many loyal readers of this blog. (I  just wish I had enough copies to send one to each of you!) Stay tuned in the coming weeks/months as I'm planning some more Book Give Aways!

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Anonymous said...


Ehem. Sorry. Seriously, though, this is awesome, Sarah! I've been champing at the bit to read Ruth ever since your wonderful review, and she's on my tbr list for next year. Now I can actually read it without having to hunt for it! :D

Thanks so much!