Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! ~ Looking Forward to 2009

One thing I love about a new year is very much the same thing I love about a new book.

There are 365 days ahead of me and I won't know what's special about them until I live out each day. Every day is a small adventure filled with surprises sometimes good and sometimes bad, but by the end of the year I have a treasure trove of memories.

It is likewise with books; I open a book and it's like beginning a new adventure, a respite for myself from the tough parts of life. Each page I turn leads me further on the adventure and by the end of the year I look back at all the stories I've read and all the memories I have and I feel richer in knowledge and imagination than I did the previous year.

I am really excited about this new year, 2009. Already I anticipate many changes in my personal life (hopefully more good than bad). I already have a list of books I can't wait to begin reading. And I am thrilled to have a place where I can write down my thoughts and share them with my book blogging/reading friends, yes that's you.

When I created this blog last July I didn't have a lot of expectations, but in the past six months it has grown and spread and become more than I dreamed possible. And so as we launch into a new year I thought it was as good a time as any to redecorate the blog. If I had to set a goal or purpose for this blog in 2009 I think I'd have to say it is my hope that A Library is a Hospital for the Mind will be a tool. A tool that will help blog readers weed through all the books out there and locate a couple of special interest to read; books that will help them find rest and refreshment; books that are a respite from their life -- the ultimate hospital for the mind.

But before I launch into the year I wanted to stop and thank Kelly for all her work redesigning this blog. I met Kelly several years ago at my previous employment. Since then she has started her own photography business and just this past year expanded it to include a blog design service. Kelly has is extremely gifted when it comes to photography and design. If you are interested in learning more about her photography business or in having your blog remodeled head over to Informal Moments Photography for more information. (Note: Kelly is located on the East Coast, so if you are looking for someone who calls the West Coast their home I would be remiss if I didn't mention another friend and book lover, Carrie at Blue Castle Photography. And yes, I know a LOT of photographers.)

Happy New Year!


Carrie said...

Aw, thanks Sarah. (I know what you mean about photographers. We seem to be popping up everywhere.)

Aside from that though there are BOOKS! I really have appreciated the time and energy you have put into this blog. I love this blog for more reasons that it is informative and educational but because I know you and enjoy being on this book-learnin' journey with you!

Thank you for your time, your thoughts, your energy and your enthusiasm!

Blessings on your 2009! I think it'll be a fun year!

Alyce said...

Happy New Year!