Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Books: Give or Receive

At the last book club meeting I learned about a new source for free books. It's called Paperback Swap and is a free service that permits members to clear out books from their shelf that they no longer want in exchange for their choice of a new book.

Books can be paperback or hardback and the only cost is the shipping to send your book out. The more books you give away the more books you can get.

It may not be the best service for people not willing to part with any of their books, but I thought it was great since I do occasionally find myself with a book I no longer want. Before finding Paperback Swap I would donate the book to my local library, now I can give them away to other readers in exchange for books I want to read and own. To open an account you must post 10 books you wish to give-away, this was difficult as I only had 9 books to post, but I figure I can always pick up an inexpensive paperback at a library sale in the next week and launch myself into free-book status.

At any rate, I thought this was such a great concept I wanted to pass the link to my readers.


Erika Lynn said...

bookmooch is a similar site, and I prefer it to paperback swap

Alyce said...

I've heard of bookmooch and paperback swap, but I haven't gotten involved with either of them. They do sound like fun, but the shipping costs always stop me from joining.

I hope you get some good swaps!

Sarah M. said...

I noticed (after you told me about their site) that Bookmooch has access to international readers, which is very cool. The point system seems a little harder to reach a free book than with Paperback Swap, but I'm glad to know other systems are out there.

The shipping cost for Paperback Swap hasn't been bad so far. You get a free book for every point you have. I mailed out my first book and it only cost $2, which is less than the free book I'm getting would cost with shipping or without.

Jena said...

I prefer the serendipity of Bookcrossing.

: industrious fern : Sarah said...

Hello again! Been lurking recently as have been super busy, but here are a couple of UK sites in case your readers need the info:

Like the previous commenter, I also love Bookcrossing, but I pick up books all over the place and need to liberate some without receiving anything back!
Thanks for posting!