Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tueday Teaser: A Spinner in the Sun

I couldn't decide between two quotes from a book I recently read, so I decided to give you not one, but two teasers today thus making today Double Teaser Tuesday!


"The scorn which Miss Mehitable managed to throw into the word "married" indicated that the state was the crowning ignominy of the race. The girl's cheek flamed into crimson, for her own mother had been married, and everybody knew it. Sometime the deep disgrace seemed almost too much for Araminta to endure." (A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed, Chpt. 5, pg. 66)

"From a distant thicket came a robin's cherry call, a glimmer of blue wings flashed across the desolate garden, a south wind stirred the bending, icy branches to a tinkling music, and she knew that Spring had come to all but her." (Chpt. 6, pg. 80)

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Bored_D said...

I really like the first quote -- it made me intrigued to learn what the book is about. The imagery in the second one is also great!