Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hundreds of FREE audiobooks for children

I've known for some time that there are free audio book downloads available for specific classics; but I had no idea to what extent audio books have now become available to the traveling reader. Tonight I stumbled upon a post by Budget Saving Mom that linked to hundreds (!!!) of free audio books for children.

To save time and give credit where credit is due I am only listing the main links. If you want to see the entire collection of links that Budget Saving Mom has listed or view some of the titles available at these websites I definitely suggest you head over to Budget Saving Mom's website.

Websites that offer FREE audio books for children:
Thanks Budget Saving Mom for passing on this great money-saving deal!


Rachel said...

Free audio books or children, eh? I'm definitely choosing a book over a child. ;)

S. Mehrens said...

haha... missed that little type-o. FIxed it. Thanks. :)

Marie said...

wow... those are neat sites. I hope they're legal, LOL!

S. Mehrens said...

Marie, good point. It does appear most of the stories are in public domain and a few are actually connected with their author. But that is a valid point and worth checking into before downloading any book.

I know the novels included on Librovox are in the public domain.