Sunday, January 30, 2011

Author Birthday: Angela Thirkell

Happy birthday to Angela Thirkell!

Born January 30, 1890 in London, England, Angela was the author of over 30 books during her lifetime (1890-1961). She began writing simply because she was in need of money. What began as articles and short stories in London papers led to stories for children and eventually to novels for adults.

What is interesting to note is that most of Angela's novels are set in the fictional county of Barsetshire, which was actually created by 19th century English author Anthony Trollope in his Chronicles of Barsetshire series. Also interesting for avid readers of English literature, is the fact that it was also quite common for the characters within Angela's books to quote from the works of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Anthony Trollope, Elizabeth Gaskell, and the like.

From the first time I picked up my first Angela Thirkell novel I was charmed. They are delightful reads. To learn more about my thoughts on the two books I read in 2010 check out my reviews here: Wild Strawberries and The Headmistress. I am hoping in the next couple of months to begin reading High Rising, the first in Angela's Barsetshire series, so check back for my review mid-spring.

To learn more about Angela Thirkell be sure to check out the European Angela Thirkell Society and the American Angela Thirkell Society.

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Marie said...

I loved WILD STRAWBERRIES, too. I have a few more of hers around and really need to get to them. She's wonderful! thanks for this great post.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

there are many great authors who are seemingly not popular

Carrie said...

Huh. Hadn't heard of her. But Wild Strawberries sounds familiar. I suspect that is because of you!

Sherry said...

If you like Angela Thrikell's novels, you might be interested in this memoir of her childhood, Three Houses:

Ms. Thirkell, it turns out, was actually a cousin of the writer Rudyard Kipling, and her family was friendly with many of the late Victorian poets and artists.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Never heard of her, but now I'm intrigued!