Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Book A Day for Christmas and Other Plans

Last year I had great aspirations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Last year I really wanted to start some specific traditions with my daughter, but alas a few unexpected turn of events prevented me from doing more than the bare minimum. But I am stating it here and now: THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!

And I'm not just saying that. It really is a fact. Things WILL be different this year. For starters we are expecting our second child sometime in the next few weeks and as such I will be on maternity leave from my at-home-part-time job, which allows for more time with family. The arrival of our baby also means we will NOT be traveling this year, but staying close to home. And so, based on these changes I am making plans to spend as much time as possible enjoying my two children and exploring the holidays, particularly Christmas through the eyes of the eldest.

One tradition I want to start is a to read a "book a day for Christmas," an idea I snagged from Annette at Live, Learn, Love. I have started a list of 25 Christmas books that I will read aloud to my daughter over the course of December. Because I know these books are popular I have already started to request them from my local library. As the month progresses I hope to post comments about my favorite reads either here, or at least on Facebook and Twitter. (So if you're curious be sure to "Like" my blog page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.)

Another tradition I want to establish is the celebration of Advent. I have been looking for some time and finally tracked down what I believe will be an age-appropriate devotional book for the advent season. However, since the book is still en-route to me I am not quite ready to post and recommend it. If, once I receive it, I decide it's exactly what I'm looking for I will be sure to let you know. (I sure hope it is!)

Tieing in with the advent theme I can't wait to unwrap the beautiful advent calendar that my mother-in-law sewed for us last year. Because we received it as a Christmas gift in 2010 we have yet to use it, but it's here ready and waiting and I am excited to bring it out at the end of the month when we start in on the devotionals.

Last, but not least I have also started to plan and prep some simple crafts and baking plans that I can share with my four year old. I realize life will be a little hectic with a newborn, but they do sleep a lot in the first few weeks so I plan to take advantage of those times to create some special memories with the eldest.

And as time allows I am hoping to celebrate the season within my own reading. I have read some excellent holiday books in the past and I hope to find a few more to read this year. I am open to suggestions/recommendations, so if you have reviewed or know of a great holiday read be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

What about you? Do you have special plans for the holiday season? Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know or link to your own post.


Alison said...

You need to post a picture of your advent calendar. I want to make one but have yet to find a kit that is not santa.

Annette W. said...

Oh! I didn't know you are expecting! My newest is just three weeks old.

Lots of fun in your home!

Carrie said...

It's my goal, hopefully, to get our CHristmas reading books wrapped and ready to go by this weekend. Reading Christmas books up to the day has proven to be one of the most FUN activities during the month. I love it!

I love that you are planning ahead for your oldest while anticipating the arrival of your youngest!