Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Reads

Looking for a cozy or festive book to read this holiday season? Might I offer up a few recomendations?

In 2008 and 2010 I posted several titles that I have read and enjoyed and wanted to recommend for other reader's enjoyment. You can find the the 2008 list here at: Christmas Stories and the 2010 list here at: Recommended Reading for the Holidays. Titles include: A Christmas Carol, The Story of the Other Wiseman, The Gift of the Magi, and Hercule Poirot's Christmas to name just a few.

This year I'd like to add to this list:

The Lion in the Box by Marguerite de Angeli

Summary: Retells the events of a special Christmas for a poor family in New York City at the turn of the century.

One Christmas Night by M. Christina Butler
Summary: Christmas is near - but Little Hedgehog has forgotten to get presents for his friends, and his house isn't sparkly and Christmassy at all! Hedgehog sets off into the forest to find gifts, but the night is cold and the woods are growing dark ...

Little Bunny Finds Christmas by Pirkko Vainio
Summary: What is Christmas? Is it sweet as a mother's love? A shining star? Is it peace on earth? Little Bunny sets out with friends to discover what Christmas is really about. Pirkko Vainios luminous watercolors lusciously weave the tale of the animals who made the journey to see the baby Jesus in the manger.

What about you? What's on your holiday reading list? Any books you have found particularly meaningful this time of year?

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

My list is here:

We should do a "link up" to all our holiday reading posts! And The Lion in the Box is such a lovely book. Such a tear jerker! I read it long ago and want to own my own copy someday!

Carrie said...

One Christmas Night looks super cute! Who wouldn't love a hedgehog?!

Sarah M. said...

Danielle, I'll pass on your link. :)