Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's On My Nightstand: July 2010

I love reading in the summer, although we seem busier than other times of the year I do find that with the heat waves we get I enjoy being shut up with a good book on a hot day just as much as I enjoy it in the coldest and darkest nights of the winter. July was a good month for reading. I managed to finish three of the four books on my June Nightstand post as well as two others that were not listed.

The one "carry over" from my June Nightstand post was The Classic Hundred Poems: All Time Favorites edited by William Harmon. I had scheduled myself to finish this book before the end of the month as that was when my book club was next meeting and it was the book selected for us to discuss. But then there was a week or two when I thought I'd have to miss the meeting, so I slowed down in my reading. Now I'm behind... but at least I'll be able to attend. Looks like it'll be August before I have a chance to finish and review this collection. Stay tuned.

Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie. The next novel on my list of Agatha Christie novels. It is number 29 out of 66 novels, which means I am nearly halfway through my personal reading challenge to read all of Christie's mystery novels by order of publication. Very exciting!


As a side note Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is hosting the second annual Agatha Christie Blog Tour (September 1-30, 2010). I have already signed up to participate and am very excited. If you are a mystery reader, mystery lover, or mystery writer be sure to: 1. Sign up to participate (there are still several dates available) and/or 2. Mark your calendar so you can take the tour and read what other mystery readers/lovers/writers have to share. There might even be some give-aways!)


So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore. When I picked it up I knew nothing about this book, except that I once saw a video series by Beth Moore as part of a woman's Bible study. I discovered the book while browsing my local book store and decided to check it out. Stay tuned for further thoughts in my review.

I am sure several more books will make their way to my nightstand as there are still a few days left in July and August is a long month. If I have extra time I might jump for another Christie mystery... or maybe I'll polish off the last Myrtle Reed novel that I have awaiting on my bookshelf. Of course it's been a little while since I read D. E. Stevenson and I'm itching to get back into her books. And of course there are a plethora of recent publications I am curious to check out. At any rate there will be plenty to read and I hope you'll check back throughout the week to see the updates I make and read the reviews I've posted.

In the meantime be sure to link up your own Nightstand list at 5MinutesforBooks and while you're there check out what other bloggers are reading. And happy reading!


Unknown said...

I'd love for you to write up a guest post about your poetry book club meeting for 5 Minutes for Books. Let me know if you'd like to (please use the 5m4b contact form or email address). I just think that's interesting -- a different sort of book discussion!

Snapshot blog
5 Minutes for Books.com

TheBookGirl said...

I'm delighted to learn about the Agatha Christie blog tour...My husband is an avid mystery reader, and I am going to pass along the info to him...although I will mark my own calendar as well, because he's not so great about keeping track of things..ahem...:)

Enjoy your reading this month!

My Cozy Book Nook said...

I remember reading favorable reviews of this Beth Moore book a while ago and just recently decided to read it for myself. I am still waiting for my hold to come in at the local library (it must be popular).

I look forward to reading your review.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Evil under the Sun is a good one.

Here is mine

Unknown said...

What a great variety! Thanks for sharing your list.


Carrie said...

Definitely curious to hear your opinion of Beth Moore's latest.

Love Bears All Things said...

I have taken many of Beth's Bible Studies and seen her in person at conferences...She has an awesome way of speaking and writing...I've only read one of her books, the one about her children, I don't recall the title but I'm sure you'll enjoy this book by her.
I don't think I read more in any one season although lately, I've become sleepy while reading in the daytime so haven't done much of that.
Mama Bear