Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Teaser: Betsy & Tacy Go Downtown

Tuesday Teaser: Betsy & Tacy Go Downtown

"The Children's Room was exactly right for children. The tables and chairs were low. Low bookshelves lined the walls, and tempting-looking books with plenty of illustrations were open on the tables. There was a big fireplace in the room, with a fire throwing up flames and making crackling noises. Above it was the painting of a rocky island with a temple on it, called The Isle of Delos."

~ Betsy's first visit to a public library.
(Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown, Chpt. 7, pg. 84)

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BookClubGirl said...

I just love Betsy's visits to the library in Downtown (so much more productive than those visits during high school ;))

Amy said...

I am truly blessed to have found your blog! If you stop by my blog today, I have an award for you! http://bookoandyarn.blogspot.com
Have a blessed day!