Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Betsy-Tacy Day -- Now Let's Give Some Books Away!

Forty-eight years ago today the the city of Mankato, Minnesota (the real Deep Valley) declared October 7th "Betsy-Tacy Day." And so in honor of this special day I have a very special announcement to make.

As part of my Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge, here at A Library is a Hospital for the Mind, I am giving away a complete set of Betsy-Tacy books. That's right, you could be the proud owner of the entire series (ten novels combined in seven books) from Betsy-Tacy to Betsy's Wedding, as published by HarperCollins Publishers.

What's more each book contains a forward written by 21st century authors (i.e. Judy Blume, Johanna Hurwitz, Ann M. Martin, Meg Cabot, etc.) who are fans of the series and have a special memory or connection to the books. These are fun to read and my favorite, at least from the glance I took, was the forward written by Ms. Hurwitz. In addition to the forwards there is a post script of sorts at the end of each book. This "post script" contains biographical information, fun facts, quotes, and photographs linking Maud and her friends and family in Mankato with her fictional counterpart, Betsy Ray and her friends and family in Deep Valley. Definitely a fun addition to the books.

So have I captured your interest? Here's what you need to do in order to enter the giveaway, participants must:

1. Be a resident of the United States.
2. Subscribe to A Library is a Hospital for the Mind (via google reader, bloglines, blogger, etc.)
3. Be a participant in the Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge (Join before October 10)
4. Not already own the Betsy-Tacy books.
5. Blog about the Betsy-Tacy books: why they are special to you, which is your favorite book and character in the series and why. Or if you've never read them please post how you first heard of the books and what appeals to you most about the series. (If you don't have a blog then leave your answer in the comments of this post with a way for me to contact you.)
6. Link that post to the Mr. Linky below no later than next Saturday, October 17th.

On Sunday, October 18th I will select the winner with the help of a random generator. Check back here later that day to find out who the winner is.

In closing, I would like to extend a very special thanks to Jennifer over at BookClubGirl for arranging the donation of all seven books to this reading challenge. I am truly honored to be asked to host this giveaway. (I am also really excited to see who wins!) I would also like to encourage each reader of this blog to check Jennifer's website. She's stocked it full of Betsy-Tacy information and I've found it to be a great resource and a fun read.


Noël De Vries said...

All right, you've roped me in. I've been saying for years now, Noel, you need to try Betsy-Tacy. I bought it for the library where I work, I assigned it to my 2nd grade sister to read, but I have yet to attempt. However--free books are quite incentiveful. :) I'll be back.

Carrie said...

Oh WOW, Sarah. That is VERY cool. (And I AM drooling.)

I have two posts going up next week on the B-T series and I'll link them up when they are published (both before the 18th). I even wrote an Ode to Betsy. ;D haha! So it's's coming....

(Betsy is my favorite.)

Mary G said...

This is wonderful! My 9yod and I are having such fun running thru these books! I've already accepted the challenge and will be posting a new post on why I love B-T books and which is my fave and why .... I'll link this week ....


Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

Just Mom said...

Wow - the whole series. Yes, please enter me! I have one of the double books but if I happen to be a winner - I'll host a giveaway for the duplicate - I'd love to have the whole series! As for the other requirements - I am linked to partcipate in the challenge, I am subscribed via Google Reader. And, I remember reading Betsy-Tacy as a young girl but I can't remember any of the specifics. That's one reason why I am excited about the series being rejuvenated - it will be fun to revisit the girls and see if it all comes swooping back into my memory!

Carrie said...

Ok, well, your linky expired BUT here is my first (of a couple) B-T links:

Michelle (my books. my life.) said...

I linked to my Maud Hart Lovelace challenge post but I am currently reading the series and post about each book as I finish.

(I do own the first of the new editions - Heaven to Betsy and Betsy in Spite of Herself - but I would be happy to share that prize with someone else or host my own giveaway for the extra copy).

Thanks for the giveaway.


Esme said...

Not sure if I am too late to participate-but you have roped me in. I first heard about these books when I swapped interviews with BCG for BBAW. I had never heard of them before-I read her blog and have been intrigued. Obviously I do not own any.

I now follow yours.


jen said...

I read your blog, I not have ablog of my own. I loved Betsy growing up and have desired to find these books for my girls. I had no idea there were so many in the series- I had read one. If I had only known! I definetely would love to own this series for my girls and I to share. I see I am too late to join the reading challenge, and perhaps too late for this contest. However, I was so excited I just had to try!!!!

Jennifer N
artandjen at juno dot com

Sarah M. said...

Although the Mr. Linky has closed to join the Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge, please still join in the fun. Come back at the end of the month to link up your posts.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I posted my thoughts on our trip through Betsy-Tacy--->

I also subscribed to Library Hospital!

I do own Betsy-Tacy (recently acquired through PaperbackSwap), but I don't have any of the others. In fact, my library doesn't even have the whole set! I'd love to own it! Thanks for hosting this wonderful challenge and such an awesome giveaway!